Is There Such a Thing as 'Sin'?

Posted on July 21, 2019 at 9:45 AM

Today as we continue our series “What do you believe?” we will be discussing “SIN”. A subject that we are all far to familiar with, both through practice and through observation. But, in today’s world things have become a bit confusing. Things that were once considered to be an “anathema”, have now been given political status and those who participate in those sins have been given, not only protection under the Law, but also special “Rights”. And those who would speak out against this are accused of “hate speech.” In many cases, “SIN” is now, simply considered a life style choice.

On the other hand, people are very quick to point out the hypocrisy of those who would speak out against these sins. They are accused of moral failure, intolerance and even bigotry. And yes, quite often these accusations are true. So, if a person says that something is a “SIN” but as it turns out, the person making the statement is a sinner himself, does that alone make their statement untrue? Well, let’s think of this, most would agree that Adolf Hitler was one of the biggest murderers in all of history, and yet, if you could go back in time and ask him if he believed that murder was a sin he would, in all probability, agree that murder was a sin. So, if Hitler was a sinner, and he said that murder was a sin, would that in fact nullify his statement that murder was a sin? Thus making murder ok? Of course not! Murder is murder, and murder is wrong, it doesn't matter who says it. Wrong is wrong and Sin is Sin! Sin is not a matter for popular opinion polls, it simply is what it is.

The problem in our culture is that many have simply replaced the true and living God with the false god of “chance”. They believe that “chance” created everything therefore there is no such thing as absolutes, but of course, this is a subject for another day. - Pastor Tim

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