Coming Home

Posted on June 2, 2019 at 9:15 AM

A couple of weeks back I talked about our youngest flying to Colorado for two weeks to attend the Summit. The Summit is a ministry which focuses on preparing young people, who are going off to college, by helping to ground them in their faith by teaching them Christian apologetics so that they will not only know what they believe, but why they believe it and thus be able to defend what they believe through logic and reason.

Well, yesterday we went to the airport to pick her up. While at the airport, I could not help but notice that the experience was not a happy one for everyone as I observed one young woman weeping in preparation for her departure. No, airports are filled with conflicting emotions such as excitement and fear, joy and sorrow to mention just a few. For us, the occasion was a joyous one, our little girl was coming home (even though she had only been gone for two weeks).

The experience caused me to think about just how much like death an airport can truly be, for as we, or our loved ones come to the end of our life here in this world it is always a time of sorrow. But that is not the end of the story, no quite the opposite for the believer it is merely the beginning. For when we leave this world we are going to another destination. We are going home. Yes, there is sorrow on this side, but there is Joy on the other side.

When we leave here we leave friends with much sorrow, but when we arrive on the other side we are greeted by not only loved ones who have gone on before, but also by our Savior, the one who paid the price of our fare with His own blood.

As I get older, the realization of my own mortality has become more and more real and the knowledge that some day, I too, will be taking that flight. That I too, will be welcomed home by my Savior and my loved ones which have gone before me. And there, I will join them as we wait to welcome others who have finished their journey. It is my prayer that you too will meet me there. That together we will wait to welcome our children, our grandchildren and even our great-grandchildren home.

- Pastor Tim

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