The Tomb is Still Empty

Posted on April 28, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Last week, as we celebrated Resurrection Sunday, we were reminded of the reality that Jesus arose from the dead. Yes, He was dead, not “a little bit dead” not “almost dead” but totally and completely dead. The Roman soldiers made sure of that and they were good at their job.

Now I realize that there are those who don’t believe in the resurrection, those who believe that Jesus was merely a man. They believe that Jesus, after going 3 or 4 days without food and water, beaten by the Jews and scourged by the Romans, who was then nailed to a cross and finally pierced with a Roman spear, simply woke up from bring unconscious, rolled back a stone that probably weighed more than 2000 or pounds and frightened the soldiers that were guarding the tomb so bad that they did not try to stop Him and then Jesus simply walked away as He went to find His disciples. Once He found them they either nursed Him back to health and He went into hiding until His death, or He died and they secretly buried Him.They then made up the story that He had ascended up into the clouds and then dedicated their lives to spreading a story that they knew to be a lie. No, that does not make any sense at all.

Jesus was the Son of God, just like He said, and the empty tomb proves it. Jesus rose in power as God raised His Son from among the dead! It was the angel that rolled back the stone and Jesus arose victorious over death.

It was the undeniable fact of the resurrection that changed Jesus’ disciples. It was their belief in a Resurrected Jesus that gave them the courage to go out into the world preaching the Gospel. It was their confidence that what they were preaching was undeniably true that gave them the strength to die for the Gospel that they were preaching. Yes, they knew that the tomb was still empty! - Pastor Tim

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