I Don't Celebrate Easter

Posted on April 21, 2019 at 9:25 AM

It is funny how sometimes things hit you differently than they may at other times, this past Thursday was one of those times. Right before leaving work a person wished me a “Happy Easter”. Now I’m not sure why it hit me the way it did, and to be perfectly honest I initially didn’t know how to respond. I was left with nothing more than a simple “Thank-you”. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate it, or that I was offended in some way but simply that at that moment the realization of the fact that neither I nor any other Christian celebrates “Easter”.

No, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and “Easter” has nothing to do with it! Now I realize that in all probability you are like the vast majority of all Christians and refer to the day as “Easter” but it is not “Easter” that we are celebrating! While it may be true that today the vast majority of people associate the name “Easter” with the Christian celebration of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead, still there are many who are quick to point out that the roots of the name, and many of the customs which are associated with it are of pagan origin. Things like the “Easter Bunny” or the “Easter Egg” have nothing to do with the resurrection, none the less they have become a part of the Christian celebration and even though their origin may be traced back to pagan fertility rituals, in today’s world they have little meaning other than that of tradition and things that are done for children to enjoy.

The real danger would be that of distraction, that we allow these fun traditions and festivities to distract us from the real purpose of the celebration: The Resurrection of our Lord. It was, after all, the proof that He was and is everything that He said He was! It is the hinge pin and corner stone to the Christian Faith and upon its reality lies the basis of our hope of eternal life!

So, call it what you want to, but when you celebrate, remember Who and what you are celebrating.

Happy Resurrection Day

Pastor Tim

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