St. Patricks Day

Posted on March 17, 2019 at 9:10 AM

Imagine growing up in a home where you had experienced at least some level of privilege, only to find yourself being taken by force by a band of roaming marauders. Yes, being kidnapped, sold and then forced to serve as a slave among a people who were very much different than yourself. A different language, a different culture and yes, even different gods. Yes, to find yourself living as a slave to a barbaric people. Imagine how you would long for home and the people that you loved. How you would miss the life that you once knew. Imagine how you would think and plan a way of escape, looking and waiting for the opportunity to be free once again. To be away from these cursed people and back home where you belonged. Imagine finally having your opportunity to run and taking it, knowing the dire consequences of being caught. Imagine spending days, perhaps even weeks traveling through unfamiliar territory as you sought to find your way home. Traveling some 200 miles in hopes of simply returning home.

Finally, imagine that you made it, that you were home with your family and those whom you loved. Imagine that you were once again free, that you had gotten your life back, would you ever go back? Would you go back? Would you go back and live with the strange people that had kidnapped you, the people that had sold you as a slave, the people that had kept you against your will and forced you to serve them? Patrick did, and he brought the Gospel to the Irish people, that is why they and we celebrate today.

- Pastor Tim

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