It's All About Love! Really?

Posted on February 10, 2019 at 7:55 AM

Now, I don’t have anything against retailers, after all, it is their advertising dollars that have paid for much of the “free” things that we enjoy in this country, but they do like us to spend our money. When we look back at Valentines Day, I’ve got to say that I believe that we have missed the point.

The person that we know as Saint Valentine was an early Christian martyr who died in the year 269 AD. His “crime” was that of performing marriage ceremonies. You see, the Emperor Claudius had made it illegal for young people to marry because he believed that single men without the “responsibilities of marriage and family” made better soldiers. He didn’t make love or even sex illegal, he simply outlawed marriage. As in our society, young people then were pretty much free to do whatever they chose to do, as long as they did not get married. The problem was that the young people who were Christians believed that sex outside of marriage was simply wrong. They believed that the commands of God were of greater importance than the commands of the Emperor, so they defied the law and St. Valentine performed the weddings.

You see, Valentine believed that marriage was so important that he was willing to die for his beliefs. So, this week, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, remember that we should be celebrating marriage, not merely “Love”. That is what he would have wanted.

- Pastor Tim

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