Building Walls

Posted on February 17, 2019 at 7:55 AM

Well, if you live in this country you have probably heard far more about building walls than you ever wanted to. None the less, I hope that you will bear me out as we talk about them one more time. 

Now, when I think about walls, I think about two in particular: The first is the Great Wall of China and the second is the Berlin Wall. Ironically, these walls were built for two entirely different reasons. Let’s look at some interesting facts about them. First, it is said that the Great Wall is more that 13,000 miles long and on average its height is more than 20 feet (see for additional Information.) The wall was built by the Chinese to protect their borders from invaders. On the other hand, the Berlin Wall was less than 100 miles long,  27 miles of those walls were used to divided East and West Berlin ( Ironically, it was not used to protect, but rather as a means to keep the people of East Germany from escaping to the West. In both cases, the walls separated, they kept people apart. 

Of late, we have heard a lot noise about “Trump's Wall” coming out of Washington, but in Washington, walls are not a new thing. No, the simple truth is that walls have become a way of life in our political system, and we, the American public can see the devastation that it is causing. The thing that is worse is the walls that are built within our culture. Division and mistrust seem to be at an all time high. 

Is there hope? Can we tear down the political walls that are dividing our nation? Well, first let me say that I’m not sure that we really want to, after all, not all walls are bad. Sometimes walls can protect us from some really bad things. But on the other hand, we do not have to let them define us. We do not have to live behind and hide behind those walls. It would be OK to come out from behind our walls and try to actually talk. We might find that there are some things that we can all agree on. 

Finally, let me say this. As a believer we often can see things more clearly than those who do not have the Spirit of God living with in them. Remember, we are called to love one another and even the lost world around us. Yes, I believe that we as Christians have a responsibility to be the best citizens that we can be, and that we should attempt to use our influence for good. But that being said, it is not our first responsibility.

No, we are called to a higher responsibility. We are called to be ambassadors. We may be here on earth, but we represent Heaven. After all, that is where our true citizenship belongs. 

- Pastor Tim


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