Why Did Jesus Die?

Posted on February 3, 2019 at 9:55 AM


I suppose that one of the truly great mysteries, at least for me, is “Why did Jesus Die?” Now, I understand what the Bible tells us about sin, and the reality that we sinners needed a Savior. I understand that our sin had separated us from God and that there was nothing in our power that we could do so as to restore that relationship. I understand that the penalty for sin is death, for the Bible tells us: “that the wages of sin is death” and that our hope, the only way that we could avoid paying for our sins through our own deaths would be to satisfy the demands of the Law. In the Law, there is only one hope: a Blood sacrifice.

The death of one who was without spot or blemish. During the the OldTestament time period they would bring a yearly animal sacrifice, but that was only a temporary solution. The only sacrifice that could ever truly cover our sins was the death a truly perfect person. One who had lived a sinless life. But alas, there was no person like that, that is until God sent His one and only Son. The eternal Word of God, who became flesh. Yes, God in flesh, both God and man. The only person who had ever lived a perfect life, a life that was without sin, and yes, He died for us. He died in our place. He paid our sin debt for us, the debt that we could never pay.

Yes, I know all this, and yet I do not understand “Why?”. After all, when Adam sinned, couldn’t He have just started over? Couldn’t He have just kept making new Adams until one eventually got it right? And, what about His foreknowledge? Didn’t He know what Adam would do? Yes, of course He did, and yet He made Adam anyway. 

Well, that brings us back to the original question. Why did Jesus Die? He died for us. Why did Jesus die for us? Because, He chose to! In life, I guess we have to accept the fact that there are somethings that we will never fully understand. 

- Pastor Tim

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