The End is Near

Posted on December 31, 2018 at 3:00 PM

The phrase can sound ominous. The end of what? The end of the world? The end of Time? The end of Mankind? On the other hand, it could be talking about something good. The end of a long trip, the end of a long hard day at work. The end of a school year. Or, as in our case, It could merely be a statement of fact, the end of another year is near. Yes, without context it is impossible to know the intent. A warning or time of rejoicing. In our case, the nearing of the end of another year is merely marking the passage of time and can and will be viewed quite differently depending upon your perspective, that is your context. You see, the same event can be viewed quite differently, depending upon a persons perspective. For example, nearing the end of a game is viewed quite differently if your team is way ahead than it would be if your team was way behind.

The simple truth is, for most of us, we have no difficulty in dealing and understanding this in our daily lives, so why do so many students of the Word think it is OK to simply find a verse or phrase in the Bible that we like, or that appears to agree with our view, or our perspective, without concern to what the context is, and use it as “the Word of God”? When in reality it is merely what we believe God’s Word should say.

The truth is, in doing this we have taken that which is sacred and made it common. We are taking our words and views and attributing them to God. We are doing exactly what the pagans used to do, we are making a god, fashioned in the image that we choose, not worshiping the God who gave us His Holy Word. It is His Word that we must follow, not our view, or beliefs. Just because a word of phrase is quoted from the Bible does not make it the Word of God. No, we must treat God’s Word with respect. We must let it say what it says, and only what it says. We must not take it and twist it into what pleases us, but rather take it as it is.

- Pastor Tim

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