Posted on November 11, 2018 at 9:15 AM

Today being Veteran’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to say “Thank you” to all who have served our great nation in the US military. Now I realize that service in the military can be a very difficult thing, as it requires, to one degree or another, those who serve to put their lives on hold and allow service to our nation to become the priority. This requires living life with a realization that in a moments notice you could be called away and placed in the most hostile of situations. It requires living a life of uncertainty, not knowing what danger you might find yourself in tomorrow, or even today. Living with the possibility of injury and even death at any moment.

Not only have you made this sacrifice, but all who love you and are touched by your life have also sacrificed, they too have lived with uncertainty and fear. They too have sacrificed. Yes, today is Veteran’s Day and we want to take this opportunity to Honor and thank every Veteran for their service to this Nation, and we also want to thank all those who have stood beside you! - Pastor Tim

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