The Storms of Life

Posted on September 16, 2018 at 10:05 AM

I write this Pen today while much of the east coast is hunkered down because of Hurricane Florence. This hurricane, like any other hurricane that comes ashore, is leaving a path of destruction in it’s wake. Yes, lives have been lost, houses have been destroyed and there are thousands who find themselves without electricity. Even after the storm is over, it will take months and sometimes even years to rebuild.  Yes, there is a long difficult path ahead of those whose lives have been and are being directly impacted by this storm. Yes, they need our prayers and they will need our support in coming months as people try to rebuild.

Of course, most of us will never have to deal with a direct hit from a hurricane, but we all have storms that come into our lives. We are often beaten down by the winds of fear and adversity, we are overcome by the waves of devastation, defeat and depression. Yes, these storms come in different forms, they come from different directions and often they come without warning. They cause us to fear, to mistrust and often they cause us to turn away from those who love us the most. Obviously, no one enjoys going through a storm, but storms are a part of life. They tear down, but they also allow for the new to be built. Yes, sometimes they may weaken and destroy, but on other occasions they simply serve to make us stronger. I remember hearing one time that the strongest wood comes from trees that have spent their lives being tested by the wind and storms. 

As a Christian, we are not exempt from storms, in fact many would say that we are more likely to find ourselves in the middle of storms more often than others who do not know the Lord, but there is one major difference: when we are in a storm we are not alone. Our Lord and our Savior is in the midst of the storm with us and He is the one, if we trust Him, who will bring us out.

-Pastor Tim

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