We're Back!

Posted on August 12, 2018 at 9:45 AM

Well, I would like to start out this morning by giving a special thanks to Pastor Charlie for filling in for me the last couple of Sundays. As you know, I was out of town with my family and I truly appreciate both Charlie and Tamara interrupting their schedule and being here in my absence. I have heard some good reports about his sermons and it is my prayer and hope that they will have a lasting impact in each of your lives. Please keep Pastor Charlie and Tamara in your prayers as God continues to use them in their retirement years.

I would also like to thank Rodney and everyone else who helped fill in the gap during our absence. I must say that we had a great time as we got to see family and some of the sites there in Washington state.

One of the things about traveling to a place like Washington state is that you can’t help but be impressed with the wonder of God’s Creation. Whether it is looking down from your airplane window or simply standing beside of one of the giant trees that they have out there, it is a good reminder of just how small we are and just how “Big” our God is. But, not only that, but as you consider the beauty and wonder of God’s creation and you get just a glimpse of what He has created you find yourself in wonder and amazement that He not only takes time for you individually, but that He also sacrificed His own Son, just so that He could have a relationship with us. Yes, God truly is amazing.

One last thing, this being the the last month of the Church business year there is much to be accomplished between now and the end of the month. Please be in much prayer that God will guide and direct the church as we make plans for the coming year. - Pastor Tim

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