Hope for a Lost World

Posted on August 6, 2017 at 9:45 AM

In the world that we live in, sin is a very present reality. Everyday we hear about murders, robberies, and of children who have been abused. We live in a world filled with evil, and evil people doing evil things, yet there are those who would want to deny the reality of sin and evil. They would argue that man is simply a product of evolution, that what we do is simply a result of our privative past, that we simply do the things which were once necessary for us to survive. If this is true, then this opens a whole can of “ethical worms”. For example, “Is it right to punish people with prison for simply doing what comes natural to them?” And after all, who has the right to say what is acceptable behavior and what is not? On the other extreme side of that coin, if it is true that we are simply a product of our genetic code then perhaps you could argue that we should be actively trying to “improve” our genetics. We should actively be trying to remove the “Undesirable” genes and be actively promoting the more desirable ones. Wasn’t this the philosophy of many back in the early 1900’s? The philosophy which led to the forced sterilization of many and even to Hitler’s dream of the “Perfect Race”. Did Hitler and the Nazis have it right????? What a horrifying thought.

Well, I believe that the Bible has a far better explanation for sin than that. It says that “Sin” was introduced into the world through Satan, and that man became “Sinners” as a result of man’s rebellion against God. That “Sin” is passed down from the father to the children irregardless of “Genetic Code.” So, even if it were possible to produce a “better” human specimen, one that might be smarter and stronger, one that might be free from any of the imperfections which plague us all, that person would still be a sinner, they would still have a natural tendency to sin. They would have a “Sin Nature”. No, I believe that the only true hope for “Man” and his sin problem is found in God. While it is true that the Bible teaches that we are all sinners and that God hates “Sin”, it also teaches that Jesus came and died in the place of sinners. That Jesus paid the penalty for our sin. The Bible also teaches that God Himself will remove all sin from this world, that someday the world will be a place of sinless perfection.That story is found in the Book of Revelation chapter 21. If you need a little hope you can read about it there.

- Pastor Tim

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