Worship (Part 4): What do you Worship?

Posted on April 2, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Last week in our series on Worship we asked the question: “ Do you Worship?” Well, this past week an event took place here in North Carolina that I believe pretty well illustrates my point. In fact, I considered changing my topic this week and writing an article which I would have called “For the Love of Money”. You see, this past week the NC Legislature passed a Bill that, it appears, almost no body likes. Yet it passed, as once again the eyes of the nation were upon North Carolina. This Bill was the appeal of the “Infamous” HB2 which had created such an uproar because the conservatives, in response to legislation passed in the city of Charlotte, had required that people use the bathroom as indicated on their birth certificates (such a radical concept). Anyway, this new bill was passed, not because the people voting agreed with it, but simply because of the love of money. Yes, the politicians realized that the boycotts, which had arisen as a result of HB2, were costing people money and, of course, that could be bad for anyone’s political career. Here we see the worship of Money, Popularity and Political Power all played out at once.


Now, I’m not just trying to pick on politicians here, we all guilty. You see, here in the south, where I grew up, there was a time when Sundays were pretty much set apart for church and church activities. No one would have ever considered scheduling something that would have come in conflict with the Sunday Morning church service. Where I lived, the public schools wouldn’t even schedule anything on Wednesday night, a time when many churches held their mid-week service. Of course, all that has been sacrificed on the altar of convenience. Yes, we worship Convenience, Comfort, Money. Another biggie is Sports. We spend millions on sports. here again, those once sacred hours on Sunday morning have given way to all kinds of sporting activities from the professional all the way down to children's sports. Yes, I think it safe to say that gone are the days of people like Eric Liddell who chose to hold to his religious beliefs and refused to run in his olympic event held on Sunday.


The simple truth is, we worship all kinds of things. We sacrifice our families on the altars of Career, Wealth and Popularity. We sacrifice our principles on the alters of Political Correctness and Prosperity. We worship ourselves as we peruse Entertainment, Leisure and Pleasure. The simple truth is, we have become so busy with all things that we have pushed God to the side, to simply be acknowledged from time to time on a Sunday Morning and perhaps be given some “token” as we pass the offering plate. Yes, here in America we spend a great deal of time in “Worship”, but I am afraid that very little of it is directed towards God. Yet, Exodus 20:3 still says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (KJV) - Pastor Tim

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