Worship: Part 1 - Definition

Posted on February 26, 2017 at 9:40 AM

This past Sunday, I began preaching a series on ‘Worship Through Giving’. Well today, I would like to begin a series of Pastor’s Pens about Worship. We will discuss topics like: What is worship? What do we worship? When do we worship? Why do we worship? Where do we worship?


Now this is a pretty big subject so we will begin with the definition of the word and what do we mean when we talk about it. Often I hear people talking about the “Great Worship Service” they had at their local church, or they may talk about how great the “Worship Leaders” are at their church or some other church that they had visited. Other times I hear people telling about a Christian concert that they went to and what a great time of “worship” they had experienced. These conversations are usually very animated and the person is very excited about the experience that they had. I have even heard some churches advertise their church using the expressions like “Great” or “New” Worship “Experience”. It has even become popular at Christian concerts and some mega-churches to use lights, smoke machines and even laser shows to add to the “Experience”. Now, my point is not to make any accusations, or condemn any style of worship, but I would simply like to point out one simple fact. In the cases listed above, it would appear, In my opinion, that the emphasis is more on the person who is supposed to be giving the worship than it is on the one who is supposed to be receiving the worship. To be completely honest, I sometimes doubt that some people have any idea about what Worship really is.


According to Google the word “Worship” comes from the Old English word weorthscipe - ‘worthiness, acknowledgment of worth’. Now the question I have for you today is: “Is our worship truly an acknowledgement of the Greatness of God, or is it more about how we feel?”


We will talk more about this next time. - Pastor Tim

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