The Danger of Pride (Part 3)

Posted on June 5, 2016 at 9:40 AM

     Well, we have spent a couple of weeks talking about this subject, and as we ended last time we were talking about the most dangerous aspect of pride: that it creates self deception. It causes us to believe that we are better than we are. In the early church, they had a problem with a group referred to as the “Judaizers”. They were Jews who believed that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. The problem was, they believed that He was only the Jewish Messiah. In other words, they believed that Jesus had come only for the Jews. Now, they had no problem with Gentiles hearing about the good news of the Gospel, and even accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they just believed that if a Gentile truly wanted to become a follower of Christ then he or she must convert to Judaism and begin following the Old Testament Law. The problem with this was that it created a works based salvation and this was NOT what the Gospel was all about. See, the problem is that a “Gospel of Works” appeals to the ego, it appeals to one's pride. When the truth is, we have all sinned and fallen short of God's righteous requirements. Now, as I have talked about before, in my secular work I am an inspector and everyday I deal with prints and print requirements. In this world, everything is controlled by the print requirements, but with each of those requirements the print also gives a tolerance. You see, engineers understand that in our world, nothing is perfect, so they design a product which will still function with a limited amount of imperfection. These imperfections are referred to as tolerances, but when it comes to God's requirements there are NO tolerances. God requires absolute perfection, and we ALL fall short of that. So, the Judaizers may have had good intentions, but their good intentions were based on a “False Truth”, that is, their belief system was based on a lie.


     Well, another part of my job involves measuring equipment. In fact, measuring equipment is involved through the entire process of making any product. But, what if my scale was wrong and when I measured 27 and1/2 inches it really measured 27 and a ¼? Well, if we were building a house than ¼ inch might not make much difference, but if I were making an airplane engine it could have catastrophic consequences. To prevent this from happening, every measuring instrument must be calibrated to a National, or even a International“Standard”. That way, if I or anyone else in the world, measures something, we will all get the same answer (within a reasonable tolerance). Here is the point: Pride creates a false “standard” - we believe that we are righteousness, but the truth is we are deceived. Our Pride has caused us to believe that something is true that simply is not. - Pastor Tim


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