The Danger of Pride (Part 2)

Posted on May 22, 2016 at 9:15 AM

     Last week we began talking about the danger of pride, Well, this week we want to ask the question: Why is pride so dangerous? Now I am sure there are many different answers to this very simple question, but I would like to suggest that the reason is because Pride is so deceptive. See, pride convinces us that it is our best friend, it tells us that it is looking out for our best interest. But sooner or later it deceives us and if allowed to, it will destroy us. One of Pride's favorite tricks is to start with some small truth, after all, if it is going to deceive us, it has to first convince us that it is on our side. It loves to choose our favorite characteristic and stroke our ego with it. It tells us how good or right or justified we are in our actions. It convinces us that we deserve to be treated better. After all, we are better, we are smarter, we are better looking, we are more humble. It tells us just what we want to hear, it scams us into believing lies about ourselves and about other people.


     In some cases, pride will even wear a disguise. It's favorite one is that of humility. Yes, Pride is very good at pretending to be humble. Most commonly, we recognize this as “False Humility”. This most often happens when someone brags on us about something and we respond by pretending that it was nothing. We may respond by saying “I'm sure that others would have done a better job” or if someone comments on something that we are wearing we might say something like “Oh, this old thing?” all the while hoping for more compliments. (Some may call this “Fishing for compliments”;) Yet, there is another even more deceptive way in which Pride disguises itself as being humble: it wraps itself in the robes of a humble servant. It insists that others go first, it makes a constant effort to put on the show of being a servant. It will help the elderly, it will carry things for others, it will even carry other peoples trash. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everyone who does these things is motivated by pride, but the truth is that there are many who do put on this show of humility because it gives them a sense of superiority and secretly strokes their own ego. Now, I must confess that this form of pride is most desirable from the viewpoint of other people, but it is nonetheless based on deception and is very dangerous. Now, you may ask the question: “What is wrong with this? How could a person who is acting humble be dangerous?” Well, the real problem comes when he or she deceives themselves. When they begin believing that they truly are better than others, when they believe that their humility is proof that they are more spiritual or somehow better than others; that this makes them closer to God and that their beliefs and thoughts must be right.


     Yes, pride is dangerous, it is the most dangerous form of self-deception and we will have to go further next week.

  - Pastor Tim

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