Truths About Money - Part 5

Posted on February 24, 2015 at 7:55 PM

February 15, 2015

     So, here we are in week 5. I must confess, this is going to take much longer than I had anticipated, but speaking for myself it has been helpful for me to articulate these truths and I hope that it may be helping some of you. So far we have discussed:

1. Saving money is hard.

2. Owing Money is Dumb.

3. Saving Money must be a priority.

4. Giving Money is Good

5. Spending is easy.

(The truth is, you can always spend money faster than you can save it.)

     I must admit: I enjoy spending money. Whether it is going out to eat, or spending money on something for myself, or even for a loved one, spending money just comes easy to me. I just think it is fun to be able to go out and use it to bring joy to myself and to others. The problem is, if I am not very careful, I can spend more in 5 minutes than I can make in a week, a month, or even a year and once I've spent it, it's gone. The real danger is that spending is addictive. We go out and buy something for ourselves and for a moment it makes us feel good. For us guys, we love to get a new car or even a new electronic gadget because we can then to show it off to all our friends. It's always fun to hear our friends say nice things about our stuff. Somehow, it seems to give us more "Value" if others praise our stuff. Women are much the same; only for them it might be a new outfit, a purse or simply a new pair of shoes. The fact is, we all love to hear praise. We love it when people say that we look good, or that our "stuff" is cool because if our stuff is cool then we must be cool as well.

     The problem is, the "new" just doesn't last. As soon as someone else gets a newer smart phone, or we've had that car for a couple of months it's no longer new and people don't want to hear about it any more. With women, once they have worn those new shoes then they just aren't the same. People just don't brag about the dress that they saw you in last week. So what do we do? Well, obviously we need to buy some more "New Stuff" then we will once again get the "Value" that we so long for.

     Our true problem is that we tend to seek for "Value" in all the wrong places. If we could simply learn to look to the Lord who made us, rather than other people we might feel differently about ourselves. If we could learn to look to Him for affirmation instead of other people; if we would realize that our real "Value" comes from the fact that God gave His Son to purchase us and that what other people have to say and think has nothing to do with it then we could be set free from the bondage of spending just to give our selves worth.

- Pastor Tim

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